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हिराबाइ बडोदेकर

हिराबाइ बडोदेकर या प्रख्यात हिंदुस्थानी शास्त्रिय संगीत  गायिका होत्या. त्यांच्या जीवनयात्रेविषयी मिळालेली माहिती मी इथे पोस्ट करत आहे.

Hirābai Barodekar (1905 – November 20, 1989) was a renowned Indian Hindustāni classical music singer, of Kirana gharana. She also sang along with her younger sister, Saraswati Rane, whom she also trained, in jugalbandi style.

Hirabai Badodekar was top most artist of her time. Hirabai was an expert in Khyāl, Thumri, Marāthi Nātya Sangeet, and Bhajan. She is credited with having popularized Hindustāni Classical Music among the masses. She was truly pioneer of concerts by women artists in India. She was also a first artist who started ticketed concerts. Her concerts were amazingly popular as well as always over packed. Her sweet and delicate voice, emotive factor, clarity and peace full rendition were admired by class as well as mass. Her amazing rendition of 'Taar Sa' was very popular and became her hallmark. She made Kirana gharana more popular and rich.

Hirabai acted in several movies, including "Suvarna Mandir", "Pratibhā", "Janābāi", and "Municipality". She also started a music school, "Nutan Sangeet Vidyālaya", to teach music to girls. The school staged several plays. Hirabai became a recording artist very early in her career. (Her 78 rpm recordings have been re-released on cassettes by RPG in their Classical Gold series). She was titled as "Gaanhira" (a singing dimond). Her nature was so down to earth and peaceful which was truly ideal.
Hirabai received several awards, including the
  1. Sangeet Nātak Akādemi Award (1955) 
  2. Padma Bhushan Award (1970) 
  3. Vishnudas Bhave Award for her contribution to theater. 
  4. She was chosen to sing the national anthem, Vande Mātaram, from the Red Fort in India's capital Delhi on the day India received its independence from the British Raj (August 15, 1947). 
  5. She visited China and the East African countries as a part of an Indian Delegation in 1953. 
  6. She was titled "Gaansaraswati" by Hindu Jagad Guru Shankaracharya.
  7. "Gaan kokila" (nightingale of India) by Sarojini Naidu. 
  8. An annual music festival is held in Mumbai by her disciple Dr Prabha Atre by the name 'Sureshbabu - Hirabai Smruti Sangeet Samaroh' since 1992, which becomes one of the major festival of music in the country .

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