Monday, May 16, 2011

First ebook of KMSM

I am very pleased to announce that the First eBook of Konkanstha Maratha Samaj Mahasangh Blogsite is published today and is ready to read immediately in e-book form. The eBook is titled Konkanstha Maratha Samaj Mahasangh Blogsite eBook First Edition. The main content of this book include: All the articles published in blogsite. 
Few articles are not included that you will get in second edition. I believe this book will help people to get information quickly and systematically. You can download this Free eBook from following link and print it for your collection. This eBook is for private circulation among community members only. This eBook includes articles date wise by all the authors. I want to provide some inspirational info that, perhaps, will encourage more people to write and promote KMSM Blogsite.

If you have any questions regarding this eBook, please left comment on this article. 
 [ Download ]

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